Traffic accidents happen thousands of times a year in Michigan.  Many people don’t think that they will ever be involved in a car crash, but just the opposite is true.  Most statistics have shown the probability is actually quite high when you think about driving throughout your entire lifetime.  We understand that accidents can create serious injuries and problems.  You may not be able to work if your injuries are serious and this can put your entire financial livelihood in danger.  Many insurance companies will take advantage of victims new to the process.  The first thing you should do after being treated for your injuries to call an auto accident or personal injury lawyer that you can trust.  We at The Clark Law Office can help you put your life back in order.  Given our small firm we can give your case the amount of attention that it deserves and will never be outsourced ever!  Our exceptional trial record brings the fear into insurance defense attorneys across the state.  For this reason, we are able to get substantial settlements than many other firms are incapable of. 

The attorneys at The Clark Law Office believe that when a negligent driver is responsible for an accident resulting in an injury that the other driver should have to pay in some way for the serious injuries and devastating losses.  This is becoming difficult given Michigan’s no-fault system, but we will protect your rights!  We are leading personal injury lawyers with 2 locations to serve the entire state of Michigan.  David Clark is the founder of The Clark Law Office and also the lead trial attorney.  He has over 30+ years’ experience litigating accident and injury cases against large insurance companies and the government.   Our firm has successfully won millions for our injured clients whether it is for injuries or losses occurring in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.   In order to get the maximum settlement or verdict for your injury you will need an experienced lawyer with a good track record.  If you have sustained an injury or loss because of the negligence of others in Michigan, we can help.

If you have never needed an injury attorney before you may be thinking that you don’t need an attorney to handle your case.  Thing Again!  Michigan automobile laws are notoriously complex and the case law is more developed than any other state in the country.  By not hiring an auto accident lawyer you are seriously devaluing your case and putting your recovery and financial future in jeopardy.  Free consultations are available at no cost and you will not be charged a dime unless you win.  Check out this article for more valuable information about Michigan auto accident law.